Going to represent

I am going to see the Harlot at FIT… at least that is the plan. Every since she posted about it, almost everyone I know is clamouring to go.

While I am there I will try and do some on the street interview stuff…

Anyhow… this weekend’s episode rocks. I hope to put it up on Saturday morning for all you who are in need of a fix. The Subway Knitter and I do a review of the knit blog world. We go on… and on… and on about the things we like and the people who we read. It’s an hour long show, we didn’t realize that until it was too late…

Also… Thank you guys for filling out the survey, it’s awesome.. I will share some of the results after the weekend.

If you are in New England or anywhere else that is dealing with this cold weather… Please stay warm

One Skien, One Hook


I went to the Porter Square Book’s Happy Hooking event and learned to make the One Skien Scarf from the new Deb Stoller book, Happy Hooker. I finished it in two days and it looks… well… it’s done I guess…

Try as I might I can’t get into this weird hooking lifes style. I have two issues. One, it’s maddening to work off a chain… I really don’t see how you can make things straight and tidy like knitting. Two, I really haven’t found any patterns that suit me in the Stoller book. ( I really wanted to buy a copy from the store, suppoerting them and all)
But I am now interested in returning to Kim Werker’s Get hooked book and try and maks some of the little crocheted anime figurines (I’ll be damned if I call them dolls). I know that most of the book is teeny-bop stuff, but I really like the cute little toys. I have some youngens I can make them for.

So, you are probably thinking to yourself, Guido… Why have you not posted pictures of this awesome new talent?

This time I have a real excuse (no more using that tired I forgot or the dog ate my image excuse anymore). My pumpkn and her pumpkn posse have taken over all rights to my digital camera for the next three weeks while they go wedding dress shopping and take super secret photos. So I am powerless to rebel against the powers that be and will have to wait to post new images.

Finally, a little show house cleaning… I have removed the explicit tag from my show. I dont’ think I am that explicit and if other shows don’t do it, why should I. It’s not like I’m dropping the F-Bomb or discussing the intimate relationship my privates and yarn have…(not that it isn’t amusing to hear this on other shows, but I am way less explicit than that) Anyhow, while I am not completely family friendly, I am friendly enough for most families.

So that’s that… :P

Like the first time

So… Have you ever joined a new gym after a long break and found it hard to get back into it. Felt a little a weird in the locker room or taking a shower amongst all the other people.

Much like my return to the gym, my return to the podcast this year is a work in progress. I tried on Sunday, Monday, and yesterday I even recorded 10 minutes, but then I had to stop. I wasn’t ready yet.

So when I do get going again, I try again tonight, I am going to put out a lot of little shows, 15-30 minutes, trying hard to get the 2006 recorded material out. Do not fear the silence, because soon you will have more show than you will know what to do with.

Also… I will be playing around a little bit with the site design. If you see something you like or dislike feel free to let me know. I am not wedded to any one thing yet. The current Banner is not working for me after having it up there for a day or two.


So if I was tagged and now have to list six weird things about me. Problem is… I’m not that weird.  Beyond the knitting thing, which you don’t think is weird, I am not really that weird.

This is not to say that I am not a freak and that I don’t like to get my freak on, but it’s silly fun freak… which isn’t that weird. So here is my list as far as I can think of my weirdness…

1. I am a geographer – really, how many of you know a geographer
2. I have family in Chile – really, how many of you know a Chilean
3. I’ve eaten Llama and like it – This is one of those Chilean things
4. I use a shoe horn – I use a show horn for everything, sneakers, slip ons, soup
5. I like cheese dogs – You know, like the oscar-myar hot dogs with cheese in it, now I have really turned you off…
6. I really like children’s books, for me – They make me happy

so thats the weirdness…

I have started a cafe press store to start to do a little fund raising for the show. Next year I would like to travel across New England and re-make the site design and all these things add up, so I thought I would try my hand and making silly t-shirts. Please let me know what you think.

Damn it all

So I was wonderin why it was getting so quiet on the site. And today I fgured it out… Itunes was not updating and people did not realize that I have done the last two shows. I have been having a techinical glitch and I want to strangle my computer and all…

So to all of you on iTunes… oops…

I think I have solved the problem, but will not know until tommorrow. I hope that this whole thing gets resolved by the time I put up the next show.

Teaser for 22 – NOHO Knits

This week I will be sharing my second interview from Northhampton. I sit down with Linda, the owner of Northhampton Wools, and we will discuss why she deserves an Oscar for her movie magic knitting or at least how she should have been invited on set to get some autographs.

Find out what I’m talking about in the next episode…

Also, there is not going to be any Twisted Sister music in the second NOHO Knits episode. I know that this is truly a disapointment for some. :)

Finally, I am still looing for a yarn shop in Pheonix to send my friend to. So if you have personal history with one such shop please let me know about it.


Like most podcasters… I find my real-life slowing me down.

I am working on getting the next episode together. It just seems that every day brings new challenges for me in my work, family, and even with my car. So I am trying to get back on track and am hoping to have a new show together soon and one ready for the weekend. i will be going to stitches East and am looking forward to meeting some of you gals( and guys) there.

 Drop me a line if you are going, or post about your plans for the event. I will in the Market running around on Saturday.

Local Event Notice

Just got this and I don’t plan on recording until sunday so I thought I would post about it. I will also post a drawing winner tommorrow night.

Breast Cancer Event at Spark Craft Studios
{October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month.}


Give “A HUG & HOPE” to young women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer!
Learn how to knit a shrug which will be donated to breast cancer patients after


Knitting reduces stress, promotes self-esteem and is a social activity. “Knit a
Shrug – Give a Hug” exists to empower women and those who love them, to create an
item of beauty and “Shrug off Cancer” in style! All women want to feel beautiful,
inside and out, especially when they are facing the harsh reality of becoming a
cancer patient. Turn the tide – knit a shrug and give a hug to women in need of a
hug and HOPE.


Beginner, intermediate & expert knitters are welcome. Spark Craft Studios will
provide participants with a free knitted shrug pattern and help even beginner
knitters get started. Spark is also offering a 20% discount on yarn used for the

Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 3:00 pm. People who cannot attend our event
may also drop shrugs off at Spark Craft Studios.  The store will mail them to Hugs
of Hope after Thanksgiving.


Spark Craft Studios, 50 Grove Street (Davis Sq.), Somerville MA.


To learn more and/or to register for this event, please call Spark Craft
Studios (http://www.sparkcrafts.com) at 617-718-9132.  For more info. about Hugs of
Hope, visit http://www.hugs-of-hope.org/.


Scary Huh

So I was a little busy taking a scary haunted hay ride yesterday. This weekend was all about friends and family and now I am flat out. So the show should be up tonight. If you would like to be in the drawing, please post your knitting charity pledge.