Mothers and Young Guy Knitters (YGK)

This is the best picture I found of a YGK at the Boston Knit Out:

A boy at Boston Knit out... rock on

I think I need to explain something to my valued listeners.

I don’t know if my podcast is appropriate for kids. While I encourage young guys to learn to knit, I don’t want to censor myself or others who might appear on my pod cast. This show is about expression and as most knitters know, knitting can create expressions that are pretty mature. (I hate ladders, that was the nice version)

Having said this, I would be interested in making a ‘younger guy knitter friendly’ special show highlighting young guy knitters projects as well as their thoughts and stories about knitting. If know or are a young guy knitter(YGK)(someone who is not yet in high school) please feel free to contact me about this.

If you are a young guy knitter, please ask your parents permission. Trust me, getting them mad at you at this point in your life will only make it harder to get the keys to the car when you are older.

Please only send me links to your images and audio commentary. My mailbox may explode otherwise.

I would be happy to help record young guy knitters in the Boston area if I can. If you have access to a space, say a classroom in the Boston area, that I can use for this project… That would make this go so much faster.

Looking forward to hearing about and from the YGK generation.

Please send me an email letting me know about your link info by the April 30th. I will be happy to start a page on my site showing off the projects as they come in. If you want me to link to your own blog, please make it clear in your email. This is not a competition, but I am going to use my descrition about what will end up on the site and podcast. The podcast is not a very long time for commentary, so please keep your audio comments to between one and three minutes. Thanks for contributing…

Boston Knit Out 2006 Begins

One more post before I go to work.

Lucy Lee of Mind’s Eye Yarn sent me this email and I thought I should share it with you guys. She says:

Hey Folks,

We are getting fired up for this year’s Boston Knit Out & Crochet Too. If you would like to be involved in making this year’s event the best ever, come to our first planning meeting.

Boston Knit Out and Crochet 2006 Meeting
Monday, April 10
Borders Books
Downtown Crossing

I did not get a chance to go last year, still a little green about knitting and didn’t feel like I would fit in. (How wrong I was) I really want to get involved this year. I want to head up the out of town committee and invite all my new friends from around the world to come and join in on the fun. Knowing my luck, I will end up in concessions. (‘Would you like to try our delicious Cotton Candy, it’s the tastiest and brighest fiber here. I’m sure you can knit it into some type of edible thong, why do you ask?’)

Podcast growth, releasing my inner podcast

I need to calm down so that I can get to work today, but there have been two changes in my podcast life since I posted.

First, I am iTunes approved. This means if you use this link, you can add me to your iTunes list.

Second, Brenda Dayne (Queen of the knitting podcasts) has emailed me to let me know that she will promote my podcast. This is awesome. I wonder if she will still like my show after she listens to episode one?

I called my brother to let him know and now he is deeply concerned about my addiction to yarn and other fibers. He did think it was cool, giggle, that I am now the Howard Stern of the knitting podcast world. I’m such a rebel.

Yes, Men Knit

Duck, Duck, Knit

So I started this blog to begin a dialogue about knitting and men and stuff. I know I am not the only one out there, but I would like to bring my own version of this issue.

I am going to work on putting this page up at the moment. I will have more to say soon. Perhaps I can get some other people to contribute as well.

 So if you have a passion for knitting and you have your own pointy stick… (sorry can’t help but make this joke) please let me know if you would like to contribute.

If you are in Boston, I am thinking about setting up a group on Tuesday in the Harvard or Inman Area. Anyhow, let the madness begin.