A quick wrapup…

So many things to update you all on… let’s start with some thanks, Thanks to

Cat and Eric
and everyone else who sent me an image or positive vibe for my podcamp presentation.

It went well. Actually, I think that the knitting gods were smiling upon me by stacking the room with knitters who started an interesting dialogue about creative process. I still don’t know how to accept a dropped stitch, but it is a part of the process and nothing to get too excited about.

Podcamp Boston 3 was a lot of fun for me. I presented, saw a battle deck (or a least half of one), I sat in on parts of sessions, but mostly I just hung out and helped podcast Newbies. For me going to these events are about gathering with community. it’s not that I don’t have asperations of my own, but for now I know where I am and am not looking for too much new stuff.

In this vain, I would like to start a FiberCamp where all knitters/crocheters/rug hookers/ and other fiber enthusiasts could gather talk shop, teach, learn, and generally hang out where the community is the point of the gathering.  So I am going to be working on this later this year, but for the time being here is a link to a show where I got into a conversation about this idea at Podcamp Boston 3.

EDITED: link to come…

But here is a link to an interview I did about knitting and podcasting for someone else’s show here

Anxiety and excitment

So we are now in July, already.

Time and I seem to be having some issues. It keeps slipping away like air conditioning out a window. I think I have plenty of time, and then it’s July. So why am I all at odds with time. Because I want to get things done.

Let’s see, I am still working on my knit/podcast presentation for tomorrow. (Yes podcamp is finally upon us). I would have thought that I would have an extra week to work on it, but no.. no such time.

Also… there is the fiber guild. It’s on its way, but now it’s July and I need to get some things pinned down so that we can start promoting it. But no…, July just shows up at the house all unannounced and doesn’t give me the time to make sure put out the clean table cloth or setup a new bank account. Stupid uninvited month.

So in closing… it’s been another year for me(July is also my B-day month) and I am still playing catchup. Perhaps this year of my life will be blessed with some extra time for knitting, podcasting, and super exciting guild projects. I can only hope.

I am not Canadian

And people say I appologize like I was Canadian…

Thought you all might like to check out the High Maintenance Machine site. The author of this strip not only lives in my city, but he also seems to live in my head. I find it strange that so many of the scenes he plays out on the strip have happened between me and my pumkin wife. My pumkin wife almost snarfed her drink once when she was reading the strip and found an really typical scene play out where I try to sing one of her favorite song by Bon Jovi only to destroy it… (also, she was at the Bon Jovi concert in Boston last night and assures me that he still has a cute butt)

I love this kind of comic book. I hope to some day make my drawing good enough to share stories through a small strip. Perhaps I can beg this guy to teach me the art of drawing and all… (read… add one more project for me).

I am going to sign off now for the weekend, I am going to Boston Podcamp and I will let you know how my presentation goes next week with perhaps a new show and all.

Holy Crap

Four days to go and I am starting to wig out a little.

It’s not the getting married thing.

It’s the everyone I know descending on Boston thing. Ahh… They are invading…

I can’t wait to see everyone, but it kills me that I won’t actually be able to spend time with everyone who is coming. I love all these people very much and want to invite them all back to my house to hang out or invite them on a walk around boston. But instead we are all going to sit in some room and put on the getting married show.

It’s not fair. I want more time…

Anyhow… everything is coming together and…


The Chuppah is done. Team Chuppah has come through with flying colors. It’s so freaking amazing. I can’t thank them enough. I just hope I can make it to group one last time as a single guy.

Knit together

Comming together

Lucy, at Mind’s Eye Yarns, has taken on the job of joining and completing the chuppah for my pumkin and I. She is posting about it on her blog. It is now out of my hands.

I would like to thank all the ladies on my Chuppah knitting team. Patience, Kim, and Lucy have shown us nothing but love in this process and have done some powerful knitting to get this project complete. Final logistics for placement are going to take place on Tuesday at the florist.

Wish us luck…


Relief.. not for me, but for people who really need it.

As I mentioned in the last podcast, I was looking for a relief fund that helped people in Peru who were effected by the Earth Quake. (seeing as we are all in love with Peruvian fiber and such) it turns out that Knit Picks has a banner on their website that leads you to Oxfam. I would like to thank the people over at knit picks as well as my readers for leading me there.

I am going to go donate some money and send some positive vibes to the people of Peru.

And then I am going to go back to knitting on my Chuppah and wrapping myself in my own little world. Check out the Chuppah meter. It’s almost done… now we move into the kitchner stitch phase.