Countdown to wedding…

Mission Control, this is Houston. We have 34 days until the wedding and are experiencing some mission difficulties. Over…

Mission Control:
Ok, Houston, what seems to be the problem. Over…

I can’t seem to find time to complete all the things I would like to do with my “free/available time”. It seems that knittig my chuppah, podcasting, wedding planning, family wrangling, bride support, and general house work are all a little much for me to handle all at the same time.
Would it be O.K. with you if at this juncture I focused on bride support and general house work and put off podcasting on any regulated schedule until after the wedding? Over…

Mission Control:
Let me check…

Mission Control:
We’ve looked into the regulations here and have come to conclusion if you need to take some time to make sure that you and your bride do not kill each other prior to your wedding night that it might be a good time to prioritize bride support and house work.

But, you are not done with your podcast. We expect more yarn crawls and insight into your community of knitters when you get back. We also want you to keep us up to date on your chuppah and place UFO pictures as it comes to completion.

Do you understand. Over…

That’s an affirmative… I will update my priorities and get back to you with as much detail as I can when my hands are freed up from the chuppah. Over…

Mission Control:
One more thing, stop spending so much time at Ravelry and get to work. Over…


It’s not meant to be. What can I say. It’s a combination of things, but basically… we did not have enough support to get everything together that we needed. I will be sad not to have the event this year, but this does give us an opportunity to review our model of event and try and make it bigger and better for next time.

But I will be moody on September 30th, mark your calendars.

I am still working on the Chuppah. I have a panel that is between 6′-8′ long by about 1′ wide. My pumkin has a strip that is the same length and about .5′ wide. So I think we are going to need some help soon. Perhaps we will hold a knitting day at our house were we will provide refreshements and silly t.v.. Perhaps I should call my stor owner friends and see if they want to have an event. (event, like knitting my chuppah is all that. Am I that full of myself?) Has anyone else ever tried to do a big ass blanket in strips? Any tips about getting the community involved?

Now that I don’t have any more chours for the Knit Out it is important that I start to focus on that other major event this fall. I just realized that I need to start getting a little more excercise in if I plan on looking good in the photos. (don’t worry, I am not psycho about loosing weight). I hope to send out all the invites this week. I cant belive it’s only two months away. I can’t believe I am getting married. It’s a little much this year… 30, uncle, married, no Knit Out… these are the things that make my life now. I don’t think I could have imagined this in my wildest dreams.

Never mind, it’s not going to happen between now and my wedding, I guess I might bring a rod down with me on my honey moon.


  • I have been meaning to record a new show, and I have one show that I am piecing together from an incredible interview.
  • I have a plan to meet with a friend and do a quickie book review show
  • Wonder if I will get to Rhinebeck this year?
  • I need to get back to a regular knitting schedule, I miss going to my groups
  • I want a puppy…(just saying)

I am an uncle…


I would like to introduce you to a new face in town. This little guy is San Mateo. He is my sister’s boy. He like sleeping and pooping and to spend time with his family, just like his mom.

My Pumkin and I got to visit with him on Saturday, and now we are both extremely smitten. As soon as I finish my chuppa this kid is going to get spoiled with so many knitted garments he may never know what it is like to buy socks..

In other news… my rabbi (funny seeing as I am unitarian that I have a rabbi) has pointed out that I should ask for help on the chuppa. So I am going to begin to reach out this month to all the wonderful knitting people in Boston for a little assist. i think I need to throw some knitting pizza parties.

finally, tonight… I think that the Boston Knit Out may have to be canceled. I think we may try to put on some other smaller event, but the big 3,000 plus event may have to wait until next year. I think that the Knit Out committee may need to grow a little stronger before was can take on this event again… but this does not mean the end of the Boston Knit Out, I won’t have that. I will not let another city loose it’s knitting price (ala NY/DC)

More on all of this in tonights episode… Belly Aching.. I hope I record the whole thing in one shot. :)

One more photo, this is what you get when my sister and I work on projects together. notice how calm Mateo is in all this madness:

Putting on a show

Guido’s got a brand new bag

Front of ??LUX
Let me introduce you to my new bag, thanks to the lovely Darcy at Tom Bihn
So this is a new knitting bag that they are going to release at the end of the week. They have sent me this sample to check out because they know I have real knitting bag issues (notice the lack of floral patterns… nice). Darcy told me about this like a year ago, so I have a long build up for this and am ready to gush about it all.

They have not come up with a name for the new bag, so I will refer to my new bag as Sam. Me and Sam have not had a lot of time yet to see if we get a long, but I will be posting progress reports as we become friends. Sam showed up with some friends that made me squee with joy… (I know this is not the experience thatDarcy was looking for, but like a child who recieves a gift and plays with the box, I was a little distracted)

Sam’s little friends are as follows:
Mark (as in holds stitch Markers) is ever so transparent and tiny, perfect for my colorful little friends.

Natalie (the notions holder) is an awesome way to hol many notions and needles

Jiles (my everything bag) is now going to be joining me on many trips, with all the things I need… I can seem them.. it’s awesome

The Gang
OK… so this is the gang… I don’t know what to do with these guys yet, but I am sure that I will find something fun to do…

So I am really excited about all these things that they sent me. The clear plastic bags with the clips are ohh so useful. I can’t wait to attach them to my normal gear and stuff. I will be ptting these toys through some Boston trauma and get back to you all about how they stand up.


Please help me in my plight to collect submissions for a 6 foot wide by 4 foot tall poster. It is going to be full color and laminated. Kimberly and I will be carrying it down to the today show to REPRESENT on the national morning news.

If you are so inclined here is what I am looking for in a poster/slogan:

  • A call to action for for all knitters
  • Knitting anthem
  • Something that is clean (both in language and in copyright)
  • General and inclusive of all knitters
  • To the point
  • Understandable to the muggles
  • Clean design so that we can see what the point is
  • Legible slogan text

Here are some ideas for slogan I have come across:

  • Those who can, knit
  • Don’t screw with the people of pointy sticks
  • Got Yarn
  • iKnit
  • I am a knitter
  • We knit

Please post questions to he comments…

The winning design will be brought to rockefeller center and I will try my damndest to get it seen.

Finally, please leave space at the bottom right for a WEBs logo, and please put your own credit at the bottom left.

If you have a submission please email it to me at 2skiens *at* itsapurlman *dot* com or put a link to it in the comments.

If you want to help, but don’t know how to design, please post slogans to the comments… This will help others as they look for a slogan for designing.

Break :)

Thanks again to everyone who submits to this and those who pass this message onto others.

Survey stuff

So I need to ask you all for a favor. Can you please take a moment to answer 10 questions about you and the show. I am trying to get a better idea about who listens and how you are listening.
Thanks for your time. I will be doing a drawing from the names/emails placed into the survey, the drawing will take place next month. I still need to figure out what is going to be given away… :)
The survey is here

One Skien, One Hook


I went to the Porter Square Book’s Happy Hooking event and learned to make the One Skien Scarf from the new Deb Stoller book, Happy Hooker. I finished it in two days and it looks… well… it’s done I guess…

Try as I might I can’t get into this weird hooking lifes style. I have two issues. One, it’s maddening to work off a chain… I really don’t see how you can make things straight and tidy like knitting. Two, I really haven’t found any patterns that suit me in the Stoller book. ( I really wanted to buy a copy from the store, suppoerting them and all)
But I am now interested in returning to Kim Werker’s Get hooked book and try and maks some of the little crocheted anime figurines (I’ll be damned if I call them dolls). I know that most of the book is teeny-bop stuff, but I really like the cute little toys. I have some youngens I can make them for.

So, you are probably thinking to yourself, Guido… Why have you not posted pictures of this awesome new talent?

This time I have a real excuse (no more using that tired I forgot or the dog ate my image excuse anymore). My pumpkn and her pumpkn posse have taken over all rights to my digital camera for the next three weeks while they go wedding dress shopping and take super secret photos. So I am powerless to rebel against the powers that be and will have to wait to post new images.

Finally, a little show house cleaning… I have removed the explicit tag from my show. I dont’ think I am that explicit and if other shows don’t do it, why should I. It’s not like I’m dropping the F-Bomb or discussing the intimate relationship my privates and yarn have…(not that it isn’t amusing to hear this on other shows, but I am way less explicit than that) Anyhow, while I am not completely family friendly, I am friendly enough for most families.

So that’s that… :P

Touching Base

I decided I would try and write something. A year end type of affair. But I find it hard to look back on the last year. It was full of hope and promise… and now it’s over. Not that it was all bad, quite the opposite, but I cannot tink back now, there is no safety line to which I can repair or change the pattern of the year.

A lot of great things have happened

  • I joined a gazzillion knitting groups
  • I went to a couple knitting events
  • I met many knitters from all over
  • I started a podcast
  • I became an addict to knitting blogs and podcasts
  • I fell head over heals for Elizabeth Zimmerman
  • I started a knitting group for guys
  • Building a park (most awesome event ever)

But… I feel a little empty. I feel like there are so many more things that I could have done this year. So many oppurtunities missed. So many possibilities in the universe. So many questions I cannot answer.

Did I make a difference in 2006?

Am I making the world a better place?

If 2006 were a chapter in a book what did I learn? What was the point?

I always threaten to take some time to write a mission statement, take stock in who and what I am and where I want to go. But, I never do. I hit a road block about this, so many conflicting interests. How do I know what I want and how what I want fits in the bigger picture of who I am?

Well… this concludes Guido’s deep thought… there is never a satisfactory conclusion to this line of thought, because time marches on and choices are made either for you or about you.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is doing something wonderful to bring in the new year. I have many ideas in the hopper for the new year. And will put together one more by the end of the weekend.


So if I was tagged and now have to list six weird things about me. Problem is… I’m not that weird.  Beyond the knitting thing, which you don’t think is weird, I am not really that weird.

This is not to say that I am not a freak and that I don’t like to get my freak on, but it’s silly fun freak… which isn’t that weird. So here is my list as far as I can think of my weirdness…

1. I am a geographer – really, how many of you know a geographer
2. I have family in Chile – really, how many of you know a Chilean
3. I’ve eaten Llama and like it – This is one of those Chilean things
4. I use a shoe horn – I use a show horn for everything, sneakers, slip ons, soup
5. I like cheese dogs – You know, like the oscar-myar hot dogs with cheese in it, now I have really turned you off…
6. I really like children’s books, for me – They make me happy

so thats the weirdness…

I have started a cafe press store to start to do a little fund raising for the show. Next year I would like to travel across New England and re-make the site design and all these things add up, so I thought I would try my hand and making silly t-shirts. Please let me know what you think.