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04 September 2007 ~ 13 Comments

Countdown to wedding…

Houston: Mission Control, this is Houston. We have 34 days until the wedding and are experiencing some mission difficulties. Over… Mission Control: Ok, Houston, what seems to be the problem. Over… Houston: I can’t seem to find time to complete all the things I would like to do with my “free/available time”. It seems that […]

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26 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

No Show Sunday

I went to a great wedding last night and I don’t feel up to doing a show today. I will get my strength up for next week. :)

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07 August 2007 ~ 5 Comments


BOSTON KNIT OUT 2007 CANCELED It’s not meant to be. What can I say. It’s a combination of things, but basically… we did not have enough support to get everything together that we needed. I will be sad not to have the event this year, but this does give us an opportunity to review our […]

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06 August 2007 ~ 16 Comments

I am an uncle…

I would like to introduce you to a new face in town. This little guy is San Mateo. He is my sister’s boy. He like sleeping and pooping and to spend time with his family, just like his mom. My Pumkin and I got to visit with him on Saturday, and now we are both […]

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12 June 2007 ~ 12 Comments

Guido’s got a brand new bag

Let me introduce you to my new bag, thanks to the lovely Darcy at Tom Bihn So this is a new knitting bag that they are going to release at the end of the week. They have sent me this sample to check out because they know I have real knitting bag issues (notice the […]

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14 March 2007 ~ 28 Comments


Please help me in my plight to collect submissions for a 6 foot wide by 4 foot tall poster. It is going to be full color and laminated. Kimberly and I will be carrying it down to the today show to REPRESENT on the national morning news. If you are so inclined here is what […]

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07 March 2007 ~ 14 Comments

Survey stuff

So I need to ask you all for a favor. Can you please take a moment to answer 10 questions about you and the show. I am trying to get a better idea about who listens and how you are listening. Thanks for your time. I will be doing a drawing from the names/emails placed […]

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13 February 2007 ~ 6 Comments

One Skien, One Hook

Well… I went to the Porter Square Book’s Happy Hooking event and learned to make the One Skien Scarf from the new Deb Stoller book, Happy Hooker. I finished it in two days and it looks… well… it’s done I guess… Try as I might I can’t get into this weird hooking lifes style. I […]

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28 December 2006 ~ 12 Comments

Touching Base

I decided I would try and write something. A year end type of affair. But I find it hard to look back on the last year. It was full of hope and promise… and now it’s over. Not that it was all bad, quite the opposite, but I cannot tink back now, there is no […]

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20 December 2006 ~ 11 Comments


So if I was tagged and now have to list six weird things about me. Problem is… I’m not that weird.  Beyond the knitting thing, which you don’t think is weird, I am not really that weird. This is not to say that I am not a freak and that I don’t like to get […]

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