Does this hat make me look fat?


I am thinking about updating the website with some new graphics. Don’t know what direction I should go with yet though. I would like to do something about me, my friends, and my community.

Because I make maps I am thinking about some sorta collage background with knitted objects that represent the three towns that I knit the most in (Somerville, Cambridge, Boston). But beyond this I do not know yet how to encorporate other knitters in my community and build in the concept that I am not the star, but simply the host of the show.

Like Kermit says, it’s not easy being green.

My First Baby Suprise

Baby Suprise


I just got this picture in an email from my friend who received the baby suprise.

My pumkin always noted that the sleeves always seemed a bit too small, now looking at the image of the garment in use, I have to agree. It’s looks like it’s some sort of sweater t-shirt. Which is not bad, just not right either.

So there you have it, my one FO in a long time.

In other news: With the holidays fast approaching I have decided I want to help others by sending them books filled with ideas. (Or you could read this as… some publisher sent me a lot of books, and I think I should share). At any rate… There will be a drawing every week that I have books to give from here until December. So listen in to find out which book is up for grabs.

Girliest Morning Ever

Well… I don’t know about the rest of you, but at 6:00am this morning I was knitting and watching the movie ‘In her shoes’. While I can explain this, it doesn’t make me any less girly… Sigh… And I wonder why I can’t find friends to go to the titty bar or play Xbox with.


Last night I started watching the movie as I was working on completeing the last 6 edges of the Baby Suprise. While I would have stayed up to mid-night to complete both the project and the movie, my pumpkin wasn’t feeling well and required my attention.

So I put it all off until the morning. And while some might suggest I wait until the weekend, those people don’t know what a crappy week I am having at work and should realize that I need as much positive energy to get through the day.

So the movie was sweet and the surprise is off the needles now. So the darning of the project can begin and pictures will soon follow.

Have a great weekend everyone, the next show should be up this weekend…


Flash your knitting bags drawing

I have a little pencil case in which I cary:

  • Many circular needles
  • Spare knitting marker
  • pair of scissors
  • Guage counter
  • tape measure
  • double pointed needles
  • crochet hooks, one large and one small

Sadly, I left my little case at circles two weeks ago, and I have been feeling very naked without it.

This sense of nakedness has reminded me that I need to make a new tool kit to hold all my goodies. One that screams GUIDO and that I would never misplace. One that would somehow be a part of a project bag.

In this vain I would like to invite you to flash your bag to me. In return for helping me gain some inspiration to make a bag for myself(non-floral and all) I will enter you in a drawingfor a copy of Greetings From Knit Cafe (which I reviewed w/ David in episode 12).

Here is how this drawing will work, post a description of what tools and baguage (knitting realted, emotional is optional) you travel with in the comments as well as a a link to a picture of your bag/contianer in all it’s glory. I will then put all the names I recieve into a knitting bag and draw the name of the winner.(offer available where legal…yadda…yadda…yadda…) the winner will be anounced in episode 16.

FYI – It’s my birthday, (old)man

Just saying… Now I am tweny nine… so close to thirty I can feel it in my gullet.

If my birthday Karma is good, when I get home I should have the August copy of Get Creative Magazine featuring a little lurb about me. I hope the photo came out nice.

I will let you guys know that my pumkin has agreed to join me tonight at my knitting group. This is a great deal for me seeing as I need some knitting help and I want to spend some time with my pumkin. My late night job has been taking me away from her… phwey..


Like a lightening bolt, it just dawned on me what to ask for from my parents (yes they still like getting me presents(and yes I still like recieving said presents from the folks)). I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. But I know that I have been drewling over the EZ workshop dvds and book since I heard about them. So there you have it… Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed…

Not a new revalation.


I have been checking out my stats recently (it’s what I do) and I noticed something weird.

Someone or some people are downloading episode 7 like crazy. Does anyone know why this might be.

Perhaps I was extra witty that day. Perhaps Sean at woolcott is using a direct link to the show. Perhaps this was the apex of all the shows, ooohh.. that would be sad if the show is only going to go down hill from there.

Anyhow, just asking?

Classic Elite Vacation

So I went away for a long weekend.

Thursday morning my pumkin and I started in Boston, drove to Hartford, got on a plane to Charlette, and then got on a plane to Ashville. Then we took a cab to the Highland Lake Inn. Where we struggled to get some help with our bags and locate some food. (My poor pumkin has foot issues due to her love of running)

Then we saw family, did the smores thing, soccer thing, eating thing and fighting thing.

Saturday afternoon we got on a plane and returned to CT and then drove to Norwich. Did the wedding thing, pizza thing, and family thing (my pumkin’s).

Finally, we went to the beach…. So I did not get much done on my baby suprise (suprise). I feared working on it on the plane becaus I had it on Metal needles. so i started a new project with some random stuff in my stash. Random, and delightful. I had purchased two 77 yrad skeins of Classic Elite Yarns 100% Bamboo in an awesome looking orange. So i am making the second orange summer scarf. This one will go to my pumkin. Sorta a thanks for putting up with me this weekend gift.

That’s all for now. trying to sneak this in at work and I will stick some pictures up soon. I promise.

Non-Knitting activities

I spent the last four days on a community built playground putting in handrails and building mazes. I was a site captain. I ran crews from 7:00am to 9:00pm for three days and was then talked into doing one more shift Sunday morning. I will post pictures as soon as I can.

This site is designed by Leather and Assoc and built by the good people of Stamford, CT (and me). I had crews made up of all kinds of people, high school kids, soccer moms, executives, and people who just walked over that day and saw the building and asked to help.

The thing that I am taking away from this experience is how wonderful people felt when they realized that they had the skill to measure and drill and hammer and hold all that lumber. Everyone who worked on it took ownership for there part.

Much like the knitting projects I work on, casting off is satisfying but, watching the project come to completion is truly amazing.

More to come…. Also, this week’s podcast is going to be blessed multiple voices from the Boston knitting community. I am so thankful to Doria and Wren for all their time and energy.