IAPM78: Leslie Ann

Cast On, Bind Off Book Cover


On this weeks show I get to talk with Leslie Ann the new author of Cast On, Bind Off. Leslie Ann is a teacher who has just published her first book, and it’s a lot of book on a topic that comes into play with every knitting project.

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iapm40:Never invest in Yarn Futures

Patience, by lovely friend who is on team chuppah… joins me in a little literary episode(live from her yarn den). We review Cast On, Bet’s Off and Casts Off by the Yarn Harlot. The rest of the show goes real political. We ponder what the election holds for us Knitters and what we, as knitters, should expect from our candidates (free the hemp and don’t let foreign yarns get too expensive). Check out this entry by the Subway Knitter also thinking about the upcoming election and the link to the Slate article. Let me know what you think about the upcoming knitting election.

Does anyone know if there is a knitting reflief group for Peru… How can I help?

This week’s drawing is about knitting literature. Please comment about how you think knitting could be incorporated into a book. Can it be a part of good literature, do you have a favorite?

Loom With A View(Newbury) (saw some fair trade yarn goodness there)(need a link)
Rhinebeck (get on the bus) Yes Dear!!
Mostly Merino (simple shawl for my pumkin) Yes Dear!!

Episode 29 – Friendly Fiber

My friend Diana joins me on the show to talk about knitting, the cutest kid in knitted gear in all of Cambridge, and review Amy Singer’s new Book ‘No Sheep For You‘.

I am looking for a little feedback about what people think about knitting guilds, and what they would like out of a knitting guild. So please post your comment, send me email at 2skiens -at- itsapurlman -dot- com, or call the new voice mail line at 206-984-4286.

Images will be posted as soon as I get more than an hour at home from my temp job… :P


Episode 20: Talking for Twenty

This week I talk for tewnty or more and still I forget things that I want to share. Like the charity drawing/contest, I am planning on knitting something up for this and it’s local, and still I forget. please drop by her site and if you have the time in the next week whip up a shrug.

This weeks drawing is for Shannon Okey’s Spin to Knit and will be reviewed next week. To enter please post what you think this show is about?? Perhaps what you would like to hear more about in the future as well. :P (This is what happens when I come up with a drawing question while recording)

That being said here is a whole lotta notes:


MUSIC – I write Sin’s Not tragedies by Panic at the Disco

Show Note: That first person talking is my pumkin declaring my show as dead to her

Skeintly Clad – Daria
Elegant Ewe – Marcu Richardson
Rita Young (is awesome)
Yarn Safari – Peta
PigBook – Britt
Stitching Mantis
Ewe’ll Love it

EPISODE 20 (this one)

Carpool Lane – Carne Cruda

Sticks and String with David
Under the fiber Moon
Let’s Knit Together
Podcamp people

Thanks to STC

AlternaCrafts: 20+ Hi-Style Lo-Budget Projects to Make
Simple Knits with a Twist: Unique Projects for Creative Knitters

Falling Leaf (chuppa pattern… it’s huge)

Venezia 50/50 merino/silk (yum)
Sheep Shop
Kate’s Yarn (AJAX FIBER)

The Not so rainy Show (13)

This extra long episode has been brought to you by Procrastination. Because now I have so much to say and so little time to get it out there. More links and notes to come, but I thought you might want this show now

Please send in your knitting jokes to 2skiens-at-itsapurlman.com for you chance to win the cutest baby hat book ever (listen to the show).


Title and Registration by Death Cab for Cutie

Get Creative
Kaffe Fassett
Stitches East

The Ballad of Barry Allen by Jims Big Ego
Summertime Sun by Monkey

Itsy Bitsy Book Review

Born under a bad huppa by The Vulgar Bulgars

Boston Yarn Crawl: The Knittin Kitten 

Link to the show
Link to the site

Knit Together Boys

This week David, my brother joins me as we discuss knitting. I am teaching him a little about how to knit. His first hat is going to be a simple stockinate project. I am so proud. Also, we worked on a little intor music…

Weekly Yarn-a-lot
Herbert Niebling Lace Pattern Project

Online Knitting
The Knitting Cook
Emmie Speaks

Book Review
Greetings from Knit Cafe

Link to the show
Link to the site

Episode 7 – Boston Yarn Crawl 1


Another week… another episode.

This weeks begins a yarn crawl that will should last for a while. I am trying to interview the shop people from my LYS’s. Also, this episode has no music… weird…

I go on for about half an hour…
Links from the show

From the Reviews:
Maran Illustrated: Knitting & Crocheting – maranGraphics Development Group
Get Creative

From the interview segment: Woolcott & Company
Big Girl Knits – Jillian Moreno
The Opinionated Knitter – Elizabeth Zimmermann
Knitted Flowers – Nicky Epstein

Episode 5 – Red Sock Masonic Yarn Harlot Worship

Links are up.

I really screwed up this time… By setting off the alarm at Circles I have created a fine against them. I don’t know how much it is exactly, but I believe that it will be $200 or more.So I am going to try and do a little fundraising. I am sorry to have to ask, but I already spend enough on time and money getting the podcast together. So if you have a dollar to ten dollars to donate, it would really help. Anything I make that is over the fine I will split between production costs and rent to the store for providing such a wonerful space.

Please donate here. I would really like to keep my recording space..:)



Crazy Aunt Purl by Laurie

Go Fish by Big Money Grip
I Feel Fine by Blue Vagrants
Show Me by Ripped
Gotta get outta my head by deffered sucess

Cast On with Brenda Dayne
Pointy Sticks with Christine Selleck

Get Creative Magazine

Circles Knitting Salon (Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA)
Island Yarn Shop (Waltham, MA)
Minds Eye Yarns (Porter Square, Cambridge, MA)
Skeintily Clad (Waltham, MA)
Woolarina (Waltham, MA)

EPISODE5 – Red Sock Masonic Yarn Harlot Worship