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27 June 2008 ~ 6 Comments


Here is what WWKIP 2008 looked like in Boston: Behold, David Sedaris’s willy warmer This is swatchy Watch out for these guys when knitting in public Check out the birds dirty work Finally, I saw this later that day at Foxwoods and had to share: Here are some links from the show: Boston Hand Made […]

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12 August 2007 ~ 3 Comments

IAPM39: Fiber Revival

In todays episode I hang out with Julia and do a little catching up. After my usual rambling we talk about her upcoming event, The Fiber Revival. It’s a event that is going to happen next week!!! Go check it out. The winner of the Charmed Knits Book is Phyllis. Music: How The Wind Must […]

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18 March 2007 ~ 15 Comments

Episode 31: One Year

It’s been a whole year… wow… Thanks to Willy, Dee, and Kim for their voiemail messgages. If you would like to leave me a message please call 206-984-4286. Todays show details the Schedule for Thursday Big day. If you would like to join me in my attempt to get onto the Today Show, please let […]

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20 January 2007 ~ 14 Comments

Episode 24a: Stiches East – The one with the Guys

Today I talk about my Falling Leaves Scarf (made with Noro) and Fibonacci sequence Scarf. News this weeks includes the Subway Knitter’s Fame and Kim Werker‘s take over of interweaves crochet. I also have a 2006 recap including my favorite park and the two major knitting stories of the year (keystone pricing and cashmere mayhem). […]

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17 December 2006 ~ 14 Comments

Episode 23: Bazaar Bizarre

On todays show I take you to a craft fair for fun people and rave about my nieghbor Jojo… She and her little dog rock Music today was provided by Adam Brodsky Talked to these people at the Bazaar Bizarre Simone at CHICK-A-DEE Evalicouis of The Boston Derby Dames Jessica who does faux-taxidermy Alison of […]

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05 November 2006 ~ 5 Comments

Episode 19: Knitting Out Loud Boston

This week I am in Baltimore, next week I will go back to normal, I promise… Tommorrow I will update the links. :)

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24 September 2006 ~ 15 Comments

Knitting Out Loud NYC

Let me start by saying, I love Dee. She is an awesome force and I can’t wait to interview her… again… So I went to the NYC Knit Out and Crochet Too last weekend. Check out the new video podcast Lets Knit 2gether Going to New York by The Michael E. Thomas Band New York […]

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18 June 2006 ~ 9 Comments

I am the new Yoga

In todays episode: Sublime by SuperEgo Weekly Yarn-a-Lot (new name, what do you think?) I discuss the amazing showing at wwkipday Boston, stealing yarn, knitting granny art??, 3.25 Stars, World Record Scarf NH Interview 3 – Elihu Farm What I Need by Juniper’s Daughter Yarn Crawl 3 – Spark Craft Studios Best Friends by All […]

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14 May 2006 ~ 14 Comments

Episode 8 – Mothers day

Episode 8 – Mothers Day Spending time with my mo, will do show notes ltommorrow. From the show MUSIC Mother Sure had a wonderful time Vamos Lento / sube al agua NH SHEEP & WOOL Alpaca’s in New England Journey Wheel – I bought a purple heart drop spindle for making sock yarn… yumm… YARN […]

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