Episode 4 – God Damn Projects

Barbara's God Damn Project
This episode:God Damn Projects…After a long week with my pumkin, I share the pain of Boston knitters… OK, it’s not real pain, it’s more like frustration.When a project,fiber, or pattern decide that it’s better than you it’s important to think about the other option. You could just quit knitting. We won’t think less of you.Yeah, like that is going to happen.

EPISODE4 – God Damn Projects


Goat Boy by .22
Super Evil by Watkin Tudor Jones on African Dope Records
Give me sunshine on a rainy day by Paul
Overreacting by Brad Sucks
Going Down To Georgia by Justin Gordon
Pendulum by The Toasters on Asian Man Records

Possible break

Hey all,

My pumkin experienced a loss in her family and now this week’s schedule is up in the air. I am making all the time that I can available to her in her time of need.

So this means I may not release a new episode this Sunday. I was also not planning on doing an episode next week because I am going to visit my family that weekend.

The bottom line is that the next time you can expect a podcast from me will be April 23.

The silver lining, how ever small it is going to be, is that I will probably finish the purple monkey sooner. But, there is not much comfort for me in that today.

Obligatory Knitting Group Stories

It’s the April’s fools obligatory knitting group stories episode. Here we are three weeks into a guys knitting podcast and I am already talking about my feminine side. By this I mean I am talking about the women in my life. I guess that makes me the foolfor thinking I could actually get away with a podcast without giving up a little bit of my manliness.

If you can’t stand the relationship stories or the mother story, please tune in next week. I promise to turn on my guy knitting manliness once more. Yeah… I swear.

Also… Check out the post on my site about the upcoming young guy knitter search. I am really excited about this one.

Also… Please check out the group that my brother works for and help the out if you can. (AOREP) If you would llike to contact him directly please email him at dtsein at aorep dot org
Grumperina by Kathy

Thick Ass Stout by Skankin’ Pickle
Dirtbag by Brad Sucks
Welcome To Cairo Street by Jim Fidler
Mia by Cordero
Abuelita by Cordero

Circles Knitting Salon (Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA)
Minds Eye Yarns (Porter Square, Cambridge, MA)
Woolcott and Company (Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA)

EPISODE3 – Obligatory knitting group stories

Episode 2

This weeks episode is so much newer than last weeks. I have fans now, and they will be so disapointed when they realize that this show is full of me trying to use my fame to get the Yarn Harlot come to speak at Porter Square books. This disapointment will only be componded when they find out that I didn’t do the research to find out that she has spoken in Boston, in Circles, one of my favorite yarn stores no less.

For shame.

Oh well. It’s still a podcast about a guy for guy’s and gal’s. That has not changed.

Grumperina by Kathy
The Panopticon by Franklin Habit
The Yarn Harlot
by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Circles Sundays starting at 10:00am in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA
Mind’s Eye Group on Wednesday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Porter Square, Cambridge, MA
Need to check about the two other groups, don’t know if they want the attention??

Pocketbook by Derek K. Miller
Sputnik in live by Roy Chicky Arad
Stitch Together by Adam Boucher
The Misfit by Airbomb

This American Life with Ira Glass
The Dork or Adam Brodsky, you decide

Cast-On with Brenda Dayne
Pointy Stick with Christine Selleck

BagSmith (Shaker Heights, OH)
Circles Knitting Salon (Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA)
Farm House Yarns (Somewhere,CT)
Knit Foundry (Somewhere, CO)
Minds Eye Yarns (Porter Square, Cambridge, MA)
Porter Square Books (Porter Square, Cambridge, MA)




While most things I say are confusing, I would like to point out one thing that confused me while listening to the podcast.

  1. Doria the story teller, is part of the mind’s eye yarn group. They have a lot of love.

Circles is also a loving group, but Doria is not a part of this group. But the Circles groups has offered to contribute some knitting stories. I will be recording them next week. ;)

 Sorry for the mix-up. I think it was the fumes in my studio/Bathroom.

Episode 1

Recorded live, from my bathroom in beautiful Somerville, MA.

This episode is my first attempt at putting down the tracks on my podcasting career. I discuss why I am podcasting, my current projects, and the purple mokey on my back. If you would like to know more about my friend Gary and what his wife is going through please visit her Caringbridge web site.


Cast-On with Brenda Dayne

Mind’s Eye Yarn (Porter Square in Cambridge, MA)
Circles Knitting Salon (Jaimaca Plain in Boston, MA)

‘Tucker the monkey’ from ‘toys to knit‘ by Tracy Chapman
Jenna Wilson’s ‘Big Sack Sweater’ from ‘Stitch’n Bitch‘ by Debbie Stoller
Nosewarmer, 2nd generation‘ by Amy R. Singer from Knitty.com

‘Spy Beach’ by This Spy Surfs
‘Juiceshack’ by CCA
‘There’s So Many Ways I Can Kill You’ by Madsumo