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17 August 2008 ~ 2 Comments

IAPM53: Local Yarn Shops at NENA 2008

The ladies from Creative Warehouse and their Kuku knitted dolls Many thanks to Jan Anderson super yarn rep of “All About Yarn” for inviting me to NENA. She is a gracious host and very proud of the yarn companies that she reps. Also, many thanks to the folks at Blue Heron for giving me a […]

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27 June 2008 ~ 6 Comments


Here is what WWKIP 2008 looked like in Boston: Behold, David Sedaris’s willy warmer This is swatchy Watch out for these guys when knitting in public Check out the birds dirty work Finally, I saw this later that day at Foxwoods and had to share: Here are some links from the show: Boston Hand Made […]

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14 May 2008 ~ 3 Comments

iapm51:MA Sheep & Wool 2008

Today’s show is all about the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Show. My three Guest will be participating in the event which happens over memorial day weekend in Cummington, MA. It’s a great show and if you are in the new england or New York area it is a great way to spend the day. My […]

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22 April 2008 ~ 3 Comments

iapm50:Baby Boogy

First, many thanks to my special guest/co-host Susan B. Anderson. She is the wonderful author of Itty Bitty Hats and Itty Bitty Nursery. She is also one of the first people in the knitting world to trust me with a book review, even after listening to the show. I love her books and can’t get […]

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13 April 2008 ~ 5 Comments


On today’s show I sit down with Annissa at Stitch House Dorchester. Her store is the newest kid on the block in Boston. It’s a great space and a lot closer than I thought. The song I played is Don’t Loose Touch by Against Me. Finally, I am working with others on starting a Friday […]

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07 April 2008 ~ 10 Comments

iapm48:Sheep and Goat Retirment Home

This episode is about Google Maps and Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm. Susan, from Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm, explains how a sheep CSA works and tells us about the vibrant agricultural community on the Vineyard. Also, Go to the Inaugural: Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Fest April 19, 2008 at the New Ag Hall in W. Tisbury The […]

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31 March 2008 ~ 9 Comments

iapm47:Knitini and other Drinks

Todays episode is a little bit of rambling on my part about Pawsox stitch and pitch and Tink and Wink sit down to talk about there shop Yarn’s in the Farms. Music today was provided by Dust Rhinos (Jedi Drinking Test) more show notes later.

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17 March 2008 ~ 17 Comments

iapm46-Two Year Pod-O-Versary

  My special guest Sarah (Haptotope) joins me for a little two year gittyness. I have been working really hard to get this out, I have also been working really hard to get some much needed excercise in so I don’t get mcuh time at night to work on this and need to get some […]

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04 March 2008 ~ 11 Comments

Saturday Evening Live 03-08-08 17:00EST

I’m going to have a two year podcast birthday party next week and you are all invited. I have a special guest coming over to my house to celebrate with me. We will be talking about knitting, design, india, chopped bicycles, tree knitting, and abuse of a serger. The anniversary show is going to be […]

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01 March 2008 ~ 7 Comments

iapm45-The Live One

Jackie at Wild and WoollyOn todays show I feature an interview with Jackie of Wild and Woolly. Today’s show was broadcast live and it was a lot of fun, I hope that people join me as I try this again next Saturday, time is going to be TBD.

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