IAPM36:Dyeing on the Farm

On today’s show, I get a little yarn-a-lot assist from Kris, I plug Knitters Uncensored (love it), and I do an interview with Carol Martin of farm house yarn. The Music at the end is Apple Sauce verses Sour Cream by the Levees
Also, WWKIP in Copley on Saturday… I can’t wait to be all out in public for pride weekend.

Also, thanks Sonia for pointing out this video.

Also, Shannon has a podcast over here.

iapm35:Spin Control

Today we hear from Dee‘s kids about stash management. Two of my New England podcasting friends share some of there thoughts (CC CHAMPAN & Chris from The Finacial Aid Podcast). I have three knitting podcast promos, WOW, from Stitch Stud and His Bride, Knitting Time Together, & SubKnit.

Journey Wheel
I got to hang our with the Shiela and Jonathon Bosworth at there home and record and interview about them and there company, Journey Wheel.
Finally, since the show time gets away from me anyway I play ‘Am I awake’ from one of my all time favorite bands, They Might Be Giants.

Please contribute to the show with comments either here in the post, by email at 2skiens@itsapurlman.com, or using the NEW voicemail number at 206-888-4187. I am looking for what’s on your needle’s because everyone knows what’s on mine.. the chuppah, and it’s not that exciting.

I had some technical difficulties getting this up on the websiet on Sunday, so it took a whole day to get the mp3 out. The good news is that I am using a smaller file type to make it easier to download. Just thought you should know.

Apparently the new format does not work well with the player. So I will diabled it. Please download the show and listen to it on your computer.

Charles’ website about knitting and spanish knitting is located here.

iapm34:Button over Boston

OK.. I have to get to work, but I wanted to put this episode out with my interview with Susan from Windsor Buttons in lovely downtown Boston.

More notes later…

Oh yeah, this is not 33a, I decided it should get it’s own number


My mom joins me on the podcast today. It’s not Mothers day yet, but hey… it is a honor to get her to show up in Boston seeing as she spends most of her time in Chile. Most days she can be found in her B&B / MUSEUM in Cobquecura with her many guests.
Greenwood Hill Farm
Andrea & Tom of Greenwod Hill Farm

Today’s interview is with the nice folks at Greenwood Hill Farm in Hubbardston, MA. Andrea and Tom share some great insight into what farm life is like and what it means to be local. When I visited them to do the interview they were at the begining of the sheep birthing process. Now they are probably on the Sheep & Wool Circuit. If you rin into them, say hi… and if you end up touching their yarn you may have trouble putting it down (it’s so incredibly soft and excelent for dyeing)
Show notes and links will be updated soon.

MUSIC this week is by ‘Salsa di Soy’ by Boom Boom Beckett

iapm32:Harlot in the Park

So… Kimberly and I represented all day and this show is about found on this amazing day in NYC!!!

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the day and new friends who gave me so much to share with everyone. If I missed you in this show, if I forgot your name, if I am totally mis-representing anything… It’s probably from lack of sleep and I hope you understand.

Please… please… please keep in touch and let my listeners share in your experience by linking to anything you have posted about in the comments.

Knitters Unite… Thanks Harlot… Best Knitting Day Ever…

Episode 31: One Year

It’s been a whole year… wow…

Thanks to Willy, Dee, and Kim for their voiemail messgages. If you would like to leave me a message please call 206-984-4286.

Todays show details the Schedule for Thursday Big day. If you would like to join me in my attempt to get onto the Today Show, please let me know by using this INVITE

Here is my schedule for the day if you feel like joining Kimberly and I in NYC

06:00am – 09:30am map Rockefeller Plaza, REPRESENT on the Today Show
09:30am – 11:30am map Brunch at Whole Foods in Columbus Circle
11:30am – 01:30pm map Harlot in the Park
01:30am – 03:30pm map Museum of Art and Design
03:30pm – 05:30pm map Yarn Harlot at FIT

Thanks for listening…


Lucy Lee In all her dyeing glory (Thanks Leah)
MUSIC: The Drowning Swan Song by KidCrash


Please help me in my plight to collect submissions for a 6 foot wide by 4 foot tall poster. It is going to be full color and laminated. Kimberly and I will be carrying it down to the today show to REPRESENT on the national morning news.

If you are so inclined here is what I am looking for in a poster/slogan:

  • A call to action for for all knitters
  • Knitting anthem
  • Something that is clean (both in language and in copyright)
  • General and inclusive of all knitters
  • To the point
  • Understandable to the muggles
  • Clean design so that we can see what the point is
  • Legible slogan text

Here are some ideas for slogan I have come across:

  • Those who can, knit
  • Don’t screw with the people of pointy sticks
  • Got Yarn
  • iKnit
  • I am a knitter
  • We knit

Please post questions to he comments…

The winning design will be brought to rockefeller center and I will try my damndest to get it seen.

Finally, please leave space at the bottom right for a WEBs logo, and please put your own credit at the bottom left.

If you have a submission please email it to me at 2skiens *at* itsapurlman *dot* com or put a link to it in the comments.

If you want to help, but don’t know how to design, please post slogans to the comments… This will help others as they look for a slogan for designing.

Break :)

Thanks again to everyone who submits to this and those who pass this message onto others.

State of the Knit Blog 2007

Colleen The Subway Knitter joins me to talk about the state of the blog.
In the Yarn-a-lot we talk about the Boston Knitting Guild, my dream of a night time guild in Boston, the KnitSmiths, Gringa Tejedora, Santa Cruz Hat.

Todays song is I want to hear what you have got to say by The Subways

In the state of he blog we talk about; Spiders( I hope I get to meet you when I am at FIT for the Harlot), Rosie’s Place(a shelter for women in Boston), Doctor’s Without Borders, the socks that rock debacle, Etsy, and Lion Brand Blogs.
Blogs we talk about (in the order discussed):
January One
Crazy Aunt Purl
The Yarn Harlot
The Panopticon
The Blue Blog(Her New Book)
Brooklyn Tweed
Sil’s Fab Knitblog
ZeFrank (The Show)
Blog’s we meant to talk about:
I may be knitting a ranch

If you have a moment, please fill out my survey. I will be doing a drawing for some fun prizes… and thanks for your time.

If you have any other thoughts you would like to share, please email me at 2skiens (at) itsapurlman (dot) com or leave me a voicemail at 206-984-4286 ( I know it’s not in Boston, but it’s free)

Episode 29 – Friendly Fiber

My friend Diana joins me on the show to talk about knitting, the cutest kid in knitted gear in all of Cambridge, and review Amy Singer’s new Book ‘No Sheep For You‘.

I am looking for a little feedback about what people think about knitting guilds, and what they would like out of a knitting guild. So please post your comment, send me email at 2skiens -at- itsapurlman -dot- com, or call the new voice mail line at 206-984-4286.

Images will be posted as soon as I get more than an hour at home from my temp job… :P