Fat Nano…

So… my pumkn got me a Fat Nano for Christmas ( Yes, I said christmas… and I had a chuppah… what of it). I love it so much. I can now listen and view some of my favorite podcasts … only thing. Two things… questions really…

1) Can you really only dock with one computer? Is there away to have a work/home thing ?

2) Is it possible to arrange your podcasts from oldest to newest. I am listening to shows and have to go in rewind when I am done so I can listen to the next show. Kinda sucks….

Thank you all… I can’t believe it has taken this long for me to get a proper Ipod. I have been using so many other mp3 players. The only reason I really wanted this one was because it was the cheapest video toy ever…

When Muggles compete…

I saw this event posted at boston.com. Basically it’s a ugly holiday sweater contest. Everyone is supposed to wear the most hideous holiday sweater they can lay their hands on and then compete for the title of most reviled sweater.

This could be a lot of fun for many creative knitters. I would love to compete for making the most ghastly holiday sweater of all time. I think you could ad all sorts of stuff to your sweater, I personally think doing a lot of bobble snowmen could create something really hysterical.

Based on the venue, I don’t think this is a knitting event though… Perhaps next year I will try and throw just such an event for the crafty at heart.

Dream Girls Crochet

OK.. Just saw the dream girls movie and fell in love with that hat that Eddie Murphy was wearing durring a recording session. It was a crocheted little number. I believe that this was inspired by hats that Marvin Gaye wore.

Does anyone kow where I can get this hat crochet pattern? Is there anyone in the Boston area that can help me ake this hat. I need one now… :)


OK… I got three episodes out and now I need to hibernate. I wish that this meant that I would go into a cave with all my fiber to keep me company. That would be an excellent way to spend the winter.

Sadly, I am finding it harder and harder for me to participate in my knitting community. I have not really been spending much time knitting or hanging around many knitting stores. It seems that knitting has taken a back seat to many other daily events. I guess we all go through this no mater what is going on in our lives.

So I wish you all a happy holiday and new year and plan on gifting you all with another year of knitting podcasts about a guy from Boston with yarn issues.

Mushy Stuff

So… There is probably no knitting content here… But it’s 8:00am on my wedding day… so :P

I just wanted to take a moment to coming to my wedding, if in spirit and well wishing only.

You are all a part of my life in some way. Ever since I found knitting I have been lucky to be a part of a group of wonderful real people and build real relationships around this shared activity. This community is exteneded through this website. I have met many of the lovely people who comment on my website and look forward to meeting the rest of you.

But… Having met you or not, the comments and love that you guys send me while I go through this part of my life has filled my world with so many new blessings.

Anyhow, all I really wanted to say was… Thanks for hanging out with me while I got through this whole getting married thing… it’s really cool of you…

Gone Fishing

This weekend I am going fishing with my dad and my brother in the wilds of Maine. We have been planning this for months and I can’t wait. We are novice fly fishermen. We look forward to sitting around mostly, and if we are lucky we will catch the big one. Even if I don’t catch the big one, this trip will give me time to work on the big one… the big chuppah that is. I hope to finish off a leaf or two more over the weekend.

I have been really busy with both work, Boston Knit Out, and podcasting stuff recently. I am looking forward to the little trip and the possibility of having nothing to do. It should be a lot of fun.

So until you hear from me next, I will be knee deep in a river somewhere.

Happy fourth of July everyone…

Three Things

  1. I was running around a Borders Books near where I work when I noticed that the new Yarn Harlot book had been chosen by a staff member for the staff pick wall. I read the description, all positive, and then noticed something peculiar… the staff members name was Bill… Is their a Bill in Boston who works at the Borders who I don’t know… I must search this guy out and compliment him on comming out, as a knitter so publicly…
  2. I saw this article online. It is about a shop I like, and an owner who I think is really sweet. But I can’t help but wonder if they could have refrained from the grandma intro and perhaps they could have taken a photo where the owner was smiling??Full disclosure: I know one of the writers for the BostonNOW paper and expect more from it in general, and especially when it comes to knitting
  3. Tommorrow night I will record… (notice how I sneaked that in…)

Dinner with the family

So I have not found a whole hell of a lot of time to do much knitting recently. I can’t believe how many groups I have missed in the last couple months. I long for my knitting groups in the same way that other people long for dinners with the family.
What I have been doing is being sick and working. Lucky for me I have stopped being sick. So the thing I do most these days is work, which is not so bad. The new job is great, the people are nice, the hours are flexible. You think I would think this would be enough. Sadly, I think do to my previous job I have become too jumpy about work, making me a huge stress ball all the time, for no good reason.

So at my last job I had a real communication issue. People would not really let me know how I was doing, except through the grapevine. This made me crazy and extremely self conscious. I worry about what people think and always fear that people were not being straight with me. It’s a horrible feeling. in the end, I am glad my last job ended when it did because I realized after the fact that I had all this fear and anger built up inside of me and I was not dealing with it very well. So now I need to start to let go of it. It’s a hard task that will take many days of yarn overs, like my chuppah.

My knitting groups became the place where I would unwind and join the rest of my knitting family. And now that I am missing groups and being crazy… I miss my groups all the more.

There is no substitute for group, I have been to two sheep and wools in the last month, not the same…

So… if you are still with me a couple of quick notes:

  • The Boston Knit Out & Crochet Too 2007 is coming and we are looking for sponsors and contributors. I am again helping out with the event, feel free to contact me or go to the website for more info at bostonknitout.com
  • I am still looking for people to share what is on there needles, I will be lurking in the yarn shops this weekend, but would love it if you called in to let me know what you are working on. 206-888-4187
  • I still need to contact my drawing winners, I have not forgotten you…
  • This weeks show will feature and interview with Carol Martin at Farmhouse Yarns
  • I am thinking about taking some time off soon and re-launching the website with some pretty graphics and a release schedule, if you have some ideas about how to improve the site or show please drop me a line at 2skiens@itsapurlman.com