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26 December 2007 ~ 8 Comments

Fat Nano…

So… my pumkn got me a Fat Nano for Christmas ( Yes, I said christmas… and I had a chuppah… what of it). I love it so much. I can now listen and view some of my favorite podcasts … only thing. Two things… questions really… 1) Can you really only dock with one computer? […]

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20 December 2007 ~ 2 Comments

When Muggles compete…

I saw this event posted at Basically it’s a ugly holiday sweater contest. Everyone is supposed to wear the most hideous holiday sweater they can lay their hands on and then compete for the title of most reviled sweater. This could be a lot of fun for many creative knitters. I would love to […]

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18 December 2007 ~ 4 Comments

Dream Girls Crochet

OK.. Just saw the dream girls movie and fell in love with that hat that Eddie Murphy was wearing durring a recording session. It was a crocheted little number. I believe that this was inspired by hats that Marvin Gaye wore. Does anyone kow where I can get this hat crochet pattern? Is there anyone […]

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17 December 2007 ~ 4 Comments


OK… I got three episodes out and now I need to hibernate. I wish that this meant that I would go into a cave with all my fiber to keep me company. That would be an excellent way to spend the winter. Sadly, I am finding it harder and harder for me to participate in […]

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07 October 2007 ~ 46 Comments

Mushy Stuff

So… There is probably no knitting content here… But it’s 8:00am on my wedding day… so :P I just wanted to take a moment to coming to my wedding, if in spirit and well wishing only. You are all a part of my life in some way. Ever since I found knitting I have been […]

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26 June 2007 ~ 10 Comments

Gone Fishing

This weekend I am going fishing with my dad and my brother in the wilds of Maine. We have been planning this for months and I can’t wait. We are novice fly fishermen. We look forward to sitting around mostly, and if we are lucky we will catch the big one. Even if I don’t […]

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18 June 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Three Things

I was running around a Borders Books near where I work when I noticed that the new Yarn Harlot book had been chosen by a staff member for the staff pick wall. I read the description, all positive, and then noticed something peculiar… the staff members name was Bill… Is their a Bill in Boston […]

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03 June 2007 ~ 4 Comments


so… I am having some issues with my recording software… I will try again tonight to get the show up. Sorry for the delay

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01 June 2007 ~ 8 Comments

Dinner with the family

So I have not found a whole hell of a lot of time to do much knitting recently. I can’t believe how many groups I have missed in the last couple months. I long for my knitting groups in the same way that other people long for dinners with the family. What I have been […]

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15 May 2007 ~ 5 Comments

No Voice

I was planning on doing a show last night about the Bosworth’s and there awesome spinning tools at Journey Wheel. They are a lot of fun and were very nice to let me come into there house to record a show. Oh well… perhaps I will con someone else into recording while I have no […]

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