Episode 7 – Boston Yarn Crawl 1


Another week… another episode.

This weeks begins a yarn crawl that will should last for a while. I am trying to interview the shop people from my LYS’s. Also, this episode has no music… weird…

I go on for about half an hour…
Links from the show

From the Reviews:
Maran Illustrated: Knitting & Crocheting – maranGraphics Development Group
Get Creative

From the interview segment: Woolcott & Company
Big Girl Knits – Jillian Moreno
The Opinionated Knitter – Elizabeth Zimmermann
Knitted Flowers – Nicky Epstein

I am now dreaming in alpacavision

It feels so weird, but this morning right before waking up I had a dream about fiber. The obsession is creeping deeper and deeper into my subconscious.In my dream I was visiting a comic book store in Portsmouth New Hampshire. I was looking for some rare something or other. I finally decide to leave and for some reason I realize that I am supposed to meet Caroline from the fibercast and talk some more about alpacas. And there, walking down the street is Caroline with two wee alpacas. One is small enought to to carry around in a tote bag and one is small enough to hold in your hands. (I know that this is way to small, but it was a dream. I think they looked more like llamas, I don’t think I really know what an alpaca looks like in person)

So Caroline comes over to me carrying her little ones in a tote bag, the large one in the main fold and the smaller one in a pocket of the bag. Apparently there is now a crowd forming around us. She starts off by letting me pet her larger alpaca. After laying my hands on it’s soft fuzzy fleece I start to feel that the fur is shedding. When I finally remove my hands from the alpaca I realize that I now have a wonderful little ball of roving, all perfectly carded and everything (WOW!!).

Caroline tells me that I should take as much as I need and that these balls of roving are perfect for new spinners. (Yippie, Caroline is the best both in real life and in dream time) Then she hand me the little hand held alpaca. This does not go as well for me. It poops in my hands, and for some reason I had to ask Caroline if she needed to measure the poop. I never knew how anal retentive I could get. Oh well…

Somewhere around me washing my hands, I woke up… I had the sudden desire to spend some time with my stash looking for something soft.

Aright, that is all for now. Please leave all your interpretation of my dreams in comment form. I can’t wait for someone to help give me some meaning about all this.

Alarm Fund Fundraising

I need your help raising money for the fine I incurred setting off an alarm at Circles while preparing for a recording session.

I am going to offer you guys the same deal that my local public radio show offers. If you guys donate money quickly, then I will not have to fundraise in my recording. Trust me you don’t want to hear my pathetic pleas and I don’t really want to have to continue to ask.

There is a new link on the right sidebar for the alarm fund. Please use it, I am only looking for $5 to $10 donations from individuals. If everyone pitches in today and tommorrow I can avoid having to talk about it on the show.

If you are a group of people who are putting in a larger donation, please let me know what your group is called and where you are from. I would like to share the love with my listeners.

Every penny over the the actual fine cost (?$200?) will be split between podcast production fees (the not free stuff that makes the show sound so good) and Circles Knitting Salon (my gracious recording space hosts).

That is all, I hope that I don’t have to beg… Sorry for bothering you all. 

Can’t wait for the show

I read this email from Jenn in St. Louis and I had to share it with the world

I thought you’d like to know that when Stephanie was in St. Louis last night, she was asked if she listens to knitting podcasts. She mentioned yours! She mentioned “KnitCast” and “It’s a Purl, Man”. How cool is that?

Well Jenn, it feels pretty damn cool. (Can’t get this stupid grin off my face) I can’t believe that the Harlot even remebers me after her trip. I mean, based on her post she seems to have sleep walked through the state of Mass. Poor Harlot was exhausted.

Anyhow, you know I am going to go on and on about this… also virtual knitting groups… and an interview… I am so excited about next weeks episode, I can’t even wait to hear it.

Episode 5.1

I am having feed issues, sorry about that. Itunes will not update the episode 5 link correctly until tommorrow so I am re-inserting episode 5 for your sake… I will take down this post as soon as Itunes corrects it’s self…

The feed is now correct if you are using any other podcast subscription services

Episode 5.1

Episode 5 – Red Sock Masonic Yarn Harlot Worship

Links are up.

I really screwed up this time… By setting off the alarm at Circles I have created a fine against them. I don’t know how much it is exactly, but I believe that it will be $200 or more.So I am going to try and do a little fundraising. I am sorry to have to ask, but I already spend enough on time and money getting the podcast together. So if you have a dollar to ten dollars to donate, it would really help. Anything I make that is over the fine I will split between production costs and rent to the store for providing such a wonerful space.

Please donate here. I would really like to keep my recording space..:)



Crazy Aunt Purl by Laurie

Go Fish by Big Money Grip
I Feel Fine by Blue Vagrants
Show Me by Ripped
Gotta get outta my head by deffered sucess

Cast On with Brenda Dayne
Pointy Sticks with Christine Selleck

Get Creative Magazine

Circles Knitting Salon (Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA)
Island Yarn Shop (Waltham, MA)
Minds Eye Yarns (Porter Square, Cambridge, MA)
Skeintily Clad (Waltham, MA)
Woolarina (Waltham, MA)

EPISODE5 – Red Sock Masonic Yarn Harlot Worship

Knitting Super Friends

Knitting Friends powers combined
From Left to Right 
Grumperina (Design Power), Yarn Harlot (Blog Power), 2Skiens (PodCast Power)

I went to the Yarn Harlot’s book signing today. I was so happy to hear her speak. She is one tough cookie.

Hope I didn’t make an ass of myself. Probably did.
Anyhow I will be podcasting about the Yarn Harlot and her new book this weekend. Be sure to tune in.

Also, yes I have a face and body. I will try and limit future pictures to knitting projects and people in Boston, other than me. I know that I have a face for radio. Check out that silly smile.