I have some lovely pictures of FOs being worn by adorrable kinds. I have pictures of a new museum in D.C. I even have pictures of a knitting store in D.C.

But no, I can’t seem to get them to upload.That would be too much to ask for.

Oh well… I will talk to my hosting company about what gives and I will try again tommorrow.

QUICKY UPDATE (Because everyone likes a quicky)
Summer Scarf II
Overgrown Baby Hat
Baby Suprise
My first hat, for me
Purple Monkey

Still keeping score?

Projects… Not a suprise

So as usual I have multi-project syndrome. I have started two projects since not completing my baby suprise. I hope that all my projects are completed this weekend. It would be nice to have some FO’s to show off…

lovely orange
This orange scarf is a little bamboo
I found in my stash. I love
how  smooth the bamboo is.
(Classic Elite 100% Bamboo)

 Pretty hat
I found this awesome handpainted yarn at the Knitten Kitten.
Mary Ann is a riot and she showed me the wonders of the knitting machine
(Cherry Tree Hill, Supersock, 100%merino-superwash, Cabin Fever colorway)


I have been checking out my stats recently (it’s what I do) and I noticed something weird.

Someone or some people are downloading episode 7 like crazy. Does anyone know why this might be.

Perhaps I was extra witty that day. Perhaps Sean at woolcott is using a direct link to the show. Perhaps this was the apex of all the shows, ooohh.. that would be sad if the show is only going to go down hill from there.

Anyhow, just asking?

Classic Elite Vacation

So I went away for a long weekend.

Thursday morning my pumkin and I started in Boston, drove to Hartford, got on a plane to Charlette, and then got on a plane to Ashville. Then we took a cab to the Highland Lake Inn. Where we struggled to get some help with our bags and locate some food. (My poor pumkin has foot issues due to her love of running)

Then we saw family, did the smores thing, soccer thing, eating thing and fighting thing.

Saturday afternoon we got on a plane and returned to CT and then drove to Norwich. Did the wedding thing, pizza thing, and family thing (my pumkin’s).

Finally, we went to the beach…. So I did not get much done on my baby suprise (suprise). I feared working on it on the plane becaus I had it on Metal needles. so i started a new project with some random stuff in my stash. Random, and delightful. I had purchased two 77 yrad skeins of Classic Elite Yarns 100% Bamboo in an awesome looking orange. So i am making the second orange summer scarf. This one will go to my pumkin. Sorta a thanks for putting up with me this weekend gift.

That’s all for now. trying to sneak this in at work and I will stick some pictures up soon. I promise.

Knit Together Boys

This week David, my brother joins me as we discuss knitting. I am teaching him a little about how to knit. His first hat is going to be a simple stockinate project. I am so proud. Also, we worked on a little intor music…

Weekly Yarn-a-lot
Herbert Niebling Lace Pattern Project

Online Knitting
The Knitting Cook
Emmie Speaks

Book Review
Greetings from Knit Cafe

Link to the show
Link to the site

My Yarn and Projects are crawling along


I have started to work longer hour days and am taking a second job on soon. But this is the price of being a working guy and wanting to pay the rent in Boston. (Not to mention the up comming bills from a wedding that is about a year off.)

So the sadest part for me is two fold…
A) I am finding less time to knit
B) I am no longer going to be able to make it to the KGB

I’ve been thinking this week about the projects that I have completed so far this year… All one of them… Socks… That’s it. 6 months, one set of sock…

No monkey, no Suprise…

Instead I have been focusing on work, Knit out, and podcast duties. How my knitting suffers for the rest of my life.

My birthday is coming up in late July, perhaps now that I am a fully fledged knitting guy I will start to track my years in FOs. I begin to wonder how many FOs I will complete in my 29th year on the planet…

Only time will tell.

I am the new Yoga

In todays episode:

Sublime by SuperEgo

Weekly Yarn-a-Lot (new name, what do you think?)
I discuss the amazing showing at wwkipday Boston, stealing yarn, knitting granny art??, 3.25 Stars, World Record Scarf

NH Interview 3 – Elihu Farm

What I Need by Juniper’s Daughter

Yarn Crawl 3Spark Craft Studios

Best Friends by All for nothing

link to the show (Episode 11)
link to the website

The sun will come out…

Ok so I am finally fealing more like myself and can’t wait to find some time to do some more talking and tell you guys what I have been up to. But that will have to wait now until I have some free time at home, this may take until next week. But for now here are a couple notes and some picture for you to enjoy.

  1. I would like to publicly announce my anger over yarn sluts segment of the Knitty D and the City (that’s Wendy) show. Because of their influential episode 5, I cannot stop going to Webbs website and coveting the Rowan plaid. :P
  2. I am loving the new book Greeting from Knit cafe and will talk about it in the net episode(whenever that happens). But, after visting the Knit Cafe website, I am a little disturbed by the buzz. I look at the the Buzz section and then mouse over it.. I think that picture may be a little phalic for me. Or I am just a high school kid at heart and can’t help but making everything into a penis joke.
  3. Knitting in public would be more awesome if it weren’t raining out. But I give major props to the following people who did show up in Boston. I hope i get all your names correct:
    Jordan – kgb special forces
    Noble Jordan
    Anna – Random knitter from Milan
    Ariel – Sock of the week contestant (12 done since January)
    Alasdair – KGB special ops (triple knitting)
    Triple Alasdair
    Dannielle – Sock reporter
    Emily – Flaming Poi glove maker (don’t ask, I don’t know)
    EmilyFlaming Poi
    Patience – Not just a virtue, but also a slammin knitter (thanks for the help
    Patience is a virtue
  4. Finally, EZ is not for kids… Mrs. Zimmerman’s baby suprise is only suprising if you think you can do it without ripping back. It took me a week to get therought the first three colors I used:
    Suprise Baby
    Just when I thought I was doing ok, I got binto the increases and everything went wacky again. I give you holes:
    Not a suprise
    oh cruel world… oh Elizabeth.. why mus you taunt me with your clever projects that make more sore in the ripping…. Oh well, I have to rip back to the red, again… If the holes were the only problem i might just leave them in (hey, it’s my first one and the baby won’t know). But my stitch count is off, again, so I have to go back.

That’s it for now. I bet somebody in my office has some work for me to attend to. :)