Late night Beseaching

Come check out the fun at @GuidoS Dreamy MS&W After Party

I know this is last minute, and that is why I am asking all of you to help me… We need people to know this party is happening and to register this weekend ASAP. I am sure that you can blog/twitter/facebook/call someone you know who is going and ask them to sign up or pass this information along.

thanks in advance for all your help.. the show will be back this weekend and then I will be recording from the Maryland Sheep and Wool… awesome… hope to see you there… (seriously)

Maryland Sheep and Party…

So, no one else was throwing an after party.. so I took it upon myself to put togther a mixer/cocktail party… and now I am looking for a head count. If you are going to be at the Maryland Sheep and Wool and are looking for some fun at night… come out… knit… socialize… etc…

Please help spread the word for about this on your blog/podcast…. and ask others to share as well. I have a room for 150 -200 and I am sure that we can fill it.

IAPM61:Casting On Tweets

Prelude – Alanna Nelson is the force behind Tactile Travel and is planning to cast on for a trip to NH sheep and wool in the spring.

Act 1Melesa Sundquist blogs about her life, knitting, and free form bras at her blog Stances and Stitches

Music Break 1 – The Midnight Fog by After Sun

Act 2Annie Modesitt is designer, knitter, and just all around extraordinary person. You can follow her day to day vistories on her blog, She was originally on the program in episode 59.

Music Break 2 – Rollin Kisatchie yamomanem

Act 3Stephen HizKnits blog is and is podcast is Y Knits.

Music Break 3 – Positive Tension Bloc Party

Act 4 – Christine is a writer and a friend who is getting the word out about her work on casting on of her family. You can find out more about her and her family at their site You can find out more about the adoption agency they are working with at

Music Break 4 – Chelsea Brando Quin and the RavenPheat Musicians

IAPM60:Kim is my first name

Kim Werker joins me on the show to talk about her dream and where that has brought her. She is a major player in the online crocheting and fiber communities. She has written books and edited major magazines. But she still thirsts for more.

ack… I totally appluad her for her ability to calmly move from career to career… I would freak… I hope that she gets her hokking habit back.

Here are the aussie links I mentioned in the show:
Etsy Shop for donations
Blogger who is doing a drawing for donatino collections
The Red Cross in Australia

The song I played today is be Ingrid Michaelson.

IAPM59:Annie get your Needles

Award Winning Book
Award Winning Book

Annie Modesitt talks to me about her books, her life and then I make her cry. Akward…

Warning this show is very real and in your face which is the only way I think Annie knows how to be. So if you don’t want to connect with someone real, please move on. Go buy herĀ  book now and say hi to her on her blog.

To be added to the drawing for her book/yarn please comment to this post sharing your passion. So, let’s say at least two sentences… the drawing will be open until the end of the month.

IAPM58: Stoked about 2009

Back on the mic, I am so excited about all the projects I am working on this year. I hope to hear from listeners about what they are up to and let me know if you would like to do a FiberCamp in your neck of the woods…

Many thanks to those of you who comment and keep me in line with the show.

On todays show:

Other things I was rambling on about today:


Ok… so my computer is in the I.C.U. right now. Because of this I have not been able to get out the three great interviews I have currently. Please hang in tough with me. I will try and put together the 20 stories day on New Years day with my wifes computer, but the other interviews are on my computer that crashed…

So… ugh…

Please feel free to send in a story for the 20 stories show (see last post)

A twit for stories…

So I was listening to This American Life yesterday and they did a show where they crammed 20 stories into an hour. The radio show was inspired by a theater group in Chicago that has a similar theme to it. This concept of short story telling seems like a lot of fun to me.

So in true short story fashion(you can’t get much shorter than a twitter message), I twitted my intention to do a show with 20 stories. The response so far is excellent and I should have 20 stories soon enough. If you would like to participate here are the ground rules:

  • I need a 2-3minute mp3 or wav recording of you telling your story that loosely relates to casting-on (as in starting a project)
  • I need your name (as much as you would like to give), title (if it applies, mine would be head host of itsapurlman), and location (again, as much as you would like to give up… I would be Boston)
  • I need your permission to use the audio
  • I need it by January 1st ( will put the show together on January1st)

Please feel free to put all the info above in one recording and place it in my drop box. (I will edit out everything but the story, the rest is for housekeeping) If you cannot record on your own, try using the voicemail number 646-402-5686 x53198 (this will end up in the drop box.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to let me you are on twitter (and are a listener of my show) feel free to leave a comment here or contact me at twitter. (better than email because everyone else who has the same question can see the answer).