IAPM41: Back From Vacation

Jamaica Tree

Hey all…

I have a new show… Alasdair joins me on the show to talk a little about Double Knitting and I flub my way through a wrap up of the last couple months.

End of the world is by The Crabs
Lost my way is by Matthew Ebel


Alasdair is working on a Dragon Shawl which his girlfriend has dubbed Trogdor

Ewan (who I met at PodCampBoston2)recommends Hector & Russell for purchasing a Sporran.

Tom Bihn is the place to get the Swift knitting bag, the StuffIt: Yarn Stuff Sack, ClearlyOrganized: Clear Organizer Pouch (so much better than zip lock). I am running a drawing until Dec 7th for a StuffIt bag,post or send me your thoughts about lightness or heaviness of knitting and how that plays out in your life (listen to the show for more details).

Alasdair tells me a bit about Double knitting, his Ravelry DK group, suasage hats and more.

I forget the word trivet and my love for the Interweave Style Series.