A quick wrapup…

So many things to update you all on… let’s start with some thanks, Thanks to

Cat and Eric
and everyone else who sent me an image or positive vibe for my podcamp presentation.

It went well. Actually, I think that the knitting gods were smiling upon me by stacking the room with knitters who started an interesting dialogue about creative process. I still don’t know how to accept a dropped stitch, but it is a part of the process and nothing to get too excited about.

Podcamp Boston 3 was a lot of fun for me. I presented, saw a battle deck (or a least half of one), I sat in on parts of sessions, but mostly I just hung out and helped podcast Newbies. For me going to these events are about gathering with community. it’s not that I don’t have asperations of my own, but for now I know where I am and am not looking for too much new stuff.

In this vain, I would like to start a FiberCamp where all knitters/crocheters/rug hookers/ and other fiber enthusiasts could gather talk shop, teach, learn, and generally hang out where the community is the point of the gathering.  So I am going to be working on this later this year, but for the time being here is a link to a show where I got into a conversation about this idea at Podcamp Boston 3.

EDITED: link to come…

But here is a link to an interview I did about knitting and podcasting for someone else’s show here